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What It Takes to Run a Successful Brain Bowl

Volunteers are the backbone of the Optimist Brain Bowl competitions.  A typical competition of 90 teams requires approximately 130 volunteers to run efficiently and smoothly.  Many of our volunteers work more than one tournament each year.

The most visible volunteers are the Readers, Timekeepers and Scorekeepers who run the Oral Rounds. The Written Round is staffed with Proctors to make sure teams move in and out in a timely manner. Score Room volunteers consist of runners, checkers and data input personnel.

Readers are required to attend a Reader training before the event in order to become familiar and comfortable with the process. For information on dates and locations go to our Reader Training page. All other volunteers are trained and receive their assignments on the morning of the event.

Colorado-Wyoming Optimists

The Colorado-Wyoming Optimist District recruits heavily from within the clubs to make sure that the tournaments are adequately staffed. As demand for tournaments moves beyond the three current regions, the Optimist Brain Bowl is asking all Colorado-Wyoming Optimists to become involved. Members should ask their club presidents for information on how they can help throughout the year as we prepare for the Optimist Brain Bowl tournaments.

To get more information on volunteering for the Optimist Brain Bowl contact our Volunteer Coordinator,  Nancy DeNiro.

Community Volunteers

Non-Optimists may volunteer to work at the tournaments as Readers, scorekeepers, timers, proctors and runners.  In fact, we encourage any adult that wishes to become involved in an Optimist Brain Bowl event to contact us! As our Optimist Brain Bowl competitions grow we will need plenty of enthusiastic volunteers to make each tournament a successful experience for the students that participate. Oh, and it's just plain fun!

Optimist Brain Bowl Club Support

Our program also depends on Colorado-Wyoming Optimist Clubs' support in order to keep our program strong. Colorado-Wyoming Clubs that wish to support the Optimist Brain Bowl can send their checks made payable to Optimist Brain Bowl to:

Advanced Terra Testing
c/o Chris Wienecke
833 Parfett St Unit A
Lakewood, CO 80215

We truly appreciate every donation! Thanks for being part of the Optimist Brain Bowl team!